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About Julie

Julie Tabish is an industry leading Business Advisor and an expert on organizational performance and unleashing your team for greater productivity. With over 20 years of experience focusing on financial, talent, and operational optimization, she has successfully served a wide range of industries and has helped more than 50 companies overcome growth hurdles, accelerate top talent, and massively raise their profits.

Passionate for assisting clients in exceeding their business and growth goals, she specializes in combining human behavior science with operational performance. Her skills in finance, operations, leadership, organizational development and interpersonal intelligence help teams and leaders turn strengths into results and difficult conversations into their superpower.
Prior to starting StrengthPoint, she was COO/CFO of a high net worth investing firm where she successfully revamped their service model from the inside out, doubled their rate of referrals, and increased their business valuation by several multiples.  Julie understands the challenges of meeting growth objectives firsthand.
With her previous background in Transaction Advisory Services at PricewaterhouseCoopers, she brings a holistic perspective to her clients. While most organizations focus only on the financial and operational aspects of the company driving their profit, Julie combines the financial and operational aspects with the human behavior aspects of individuals and of the team to create a 360-degree approach to driving growth and profitability.  As she often says, “let’s create business wins powered by people wins.” 
As the founder of StrengthPoint advisors, she believes that work should be fulfilling and energy GIVING, not energy sucking, and that is why she helps her clients to ditch the drama, have fun, and get shit done.

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Meet the Team

Luisa Recchia


Luisa is passionate about helping business owners stay focused on their most important professional and personal priorities.  She specializes in purpose, vision and goal planning, while keeping personal development top of mind.


Luisa knows firsthand what it is like to be a business owner.  She has owned and operated her own business, is a co-founder of an online learning platform and has supported owners in various industries for over 20 years. Luisa brings an energy to everything she does and believes that if we are gifted with entrepreneurship, it is our duty to fulfill it.

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Don Knagge


As an Executive Leadership, Performance & Development Coach, Don's core competencies lie in his ability to identify the natural talents, styles, values and driving forces of individuals and teams. As a facilitator, he guides teams and organizations to become more effective communicators allowing optimization of each team member’s strengths.  

Don  is known for his curiosity and for asking the right questions. His strong business acumen and resourcefulness allows him to co-create with the coachee, resulting in personal and professional best practices and outcomes.  


As an accomplished corporate executive and serial entrepreneur, he has an eclectic approach to organizational development and strategic planning that has inspired and driven high levels of success for clients. 


Thanks to a deep passion for life, family, friends, travel, sailing and community activism,  Don has worked and played in over 50 countries. 

Natalie West


Natalie has completed extensive training to earn her TTI Success Insights, DISC and Motivators Certifications. This unique training employs science and behavior-based tools and a unique job search approach that assists clients in a number of practical ways.  Natalie has also earned a TTI Prioritized Leader Master Certification.  She is also a Certified Development Professional.

Natalie has successfully launched multiple businesses of her own, including one with more than one hundred employees. 

In addition to being a wildly qualified business professional with mad leadership and people-skills, Natalie has an uncanny knack for matching job descriptions with the ideal person.  In describing her style, she says “I’m very blunt, use lots of humor and shoot straight. My approach is fun, motivating, and positive. I keep clients laughing, but I also bring tact and truthfulness that they appreciate!”

Natalie feels the closest connection to her introverted clients because leadership is typically challenging with this behavior type, and she loves the AHA! moments when clients see avenues to success open – and discover how to maximize their own potential.  Natalie makes connections quickly with people and loves celebrating the wins.

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