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"Working with StrengthPoint has resulted in growth, efficient operations and an excited team"

Tarla Gernet - Founder and CEO

 HighPoint Hybrid Academy



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What Our Clients Are Saying

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outstanding experience

Chris Beardslee -  Executive VP

Allied Insurance Managers

Working with Julie Tabish has been an outstanding experience.  Since connecting with Julie, our agency has a clearer vision of our human resource needs and how we interact with each other as a company.  Previously, Allied had never included outside parties in our development of the agency culture, by hiring Julie the company had a new sounding board for ideas, best practices, and employee development.  

chris beardslee


Julie is THE BEST! She has helped us grow from a small startup to a 30M+ revenue business over the last 6 years. One of the main areas we struggled was how to successfully scale our business and WHO are the people we need on our team to replicate the early success that we had. Though not always easy conversations, Julie pushed us out of our comfort zone and gave us the tools to assess and grow our team and our culture.


We believe in the power of Julie so much that there has not been a single new hire over the past 3 years that hasn’t run through her process. I highly recommend Julie and am so thankful for our partnership!

Chris Grabmiller -  Founder and CEO



julie helped us hire the most effective leaders

emma ryan - owner

Plant, OKC

As the owner and operator of a small business in the restaurant industry, I’ve learned just how important having the right people in the right roles truly is. When I opened my first location in 2019, I had Julie come in and do assessments on all of our leaders as well as debriefing individual and facilitating team trainings. Not only did I see a difference in the behavior of those individuals, but they learned so much that they were able to step up and communicate more effectively as well.


When we opened the second location, I knew I needed Julie’s help once again in order to hire the most effective leaders. Her guidance and wisdom has been a huge asset to our team and to the success of the business. I would recommend any business, small or large, utilize her services for optimal performance and growth.


Julie has been working with us for over 5 years now, helping to improve our overall talent management process. She and her team have introduced us to a variety of tools and processes to understand and develop talent in the organization. Julie is an outstanding facilitator in group training sessions and team building.  She has helped improve communications and teamwork, as well awareness and understanding between people on the teams.


I would highly recommend Julie to companies to improve the way they engage and improve talent in the organization.


MacLean Fogg Component Solutions

displayS an “others first” mentality


Jay Hidalgo Business and Leadership Coaching

I initially had the privilege of working with Julie when we had a common client.
I was providing business consulting, and needed guidance on finding a few hires for the client. Specifically, we needed to find the right Senior Account Executive for this niche manufacturing company. 


Julie brought a unique combination of strategic thinking and the expertise around how to understand people for their work roles. This wasn't just an assessment exercise. She started by asking and probing, really wanting to understand what we needed for the business. Then, through a combination of consulting and assessment tools, she guided us on finding the right fit for the role. The result was an A+ hire that significantly increased revenue for the client. 


Since then, I've come to know her as someone who quickly and accurately understands each clients' needs. She is the only talent management expert I bring into my clients because each time, she is thorough, comprehensive, and exceeds expectations. She also shows herself to be the consummate teammate, constantly displaying an “others first” mentality. This mindset has made her a leader, and a respected voice in her field.  Julie and her company are my "no questions asked" go to for all things talent management. It should be the same for your organization. 


they provide absolutely invaluable tools.

As a hiring manager with over 40 percent of firm employees directly reporting to me, hiring and managing people is a large part of my job and is critical to the success of our company. We need the right people in the right positions to round out our complex teams. StrengthPoint Advisors has provided an absolutely invaluable tool that not only evaluates our current employees but helps us identify whether or not potential candidates will be a good fit on specific teams and what skills they may bring to our team that we are currently lacking.


Through GAP reports and DISC assessments we get a better picture of the whole person and the whole team and how they may interact together. Julie has also helped me better manage each individual to their unique motivations to improve job satisfaction, retention, and skills acquisition. While I may have been a bit skeptical at first wondering how well this would work, I am absolutely convinced this service has made a direct impact for our team building and employee recruitment.


In fact when we have gone against the data provided and hired a candidate, I have found that the challenges identified by StrengthPoint Advisors or the indicators the person would not be a good fit for our team were absolutely spot on.  Julie and her staff are wonderful to work with and I would highly suggest any employer use this service not only for hiring but for developing your team.

Gretchen McKee - Quality Assurance Manager

Envirotech Engineering & Consulting, Inc.


given us the team we've always wanted

Deb Craig -  CEO


Julie has given us the invaluable tool of understanding motivations and key traits within our team members, allowing us to better manage them and create a positive work environment for everyone. With this, we can make sure our team is working within its strengths and able to spot weak-points, far before they become a problem.


We can’t recommend Julie enough! Her work with us has given us the tools to build the work culture and team we’ve always wanted, and has improved our ability to find excellent candidates for our clients.

tailored approach and undeniable results

Julie introduced us to behavioral analysis allowing for self-understanding and ability to work with people’s strengths. She taught us the difference between the golden rule and the platinum rule: Treat others how they want to be treated, not how we want to be treated.  Our team knows themselves and each other better, which means we can focus on bridging gaps between each-other, hiring better talent, and developing our team.


I am generally skeptical about consultants/coaches as many focus on standards and boiler plate messages and processes, not understanding your situation.  Julie is able to tailor her approach, listen to the situation, and apply what’s necessary. The flexibility and working with you rather than at you, is an ideal approach and difficult to find.

I recommend StrengthPoint Advisors to any company that has teams or groups that need to work together and understand interdependencies to achieve results. That’s most companies and more so today than in the past.  You will learn how to work smarter and not harder and have fun in the process.

Hassan Al-Saadi - Director 

DeJong Duke


When I met Julie, my company and I were in a bit of a crisis with an employee who was not aligned with our company's values. She helped me see why things weren't working and created a plan of action to make the necessary changes. With her help and encouragement, we walked through that difficult time to a resolution and since then, the team that she has helped me create and mentor is incredible. With her advising, our company has not only experienced growth but our operations are efficient and our team is excited to work together and step into the vision we have for our future!


The most important realization I had from the work with Julie is how important the alignment of the values between the company and employees are to growth.   Misalignment of values had me spending too much time on re-directing priorities and dealing with frustrations of members of the team that were not aligned with the values of the company.  Once I had a values driven leadership team, we spent more time on projects that would grow the business and enhance our service model, which increased productivity. Getting results became easier.


This has afforded me the opportunity to spend more time working on the business and investigating other business ventures.


I would recommend Julie to anyone who wants to develop their leadership team so they are leading in their unique strengths, who want to develop a strategy to achieve their vision, and who are frustrated because things are not running as well as they could be. With her insight, wisdom, mentoring and coaching, she can help resolve difficult situations with brilliant solutions, get people in the right seats in the company, and help create pathways to move the company forward to new levels of success.  


I was so pleased with the results that I brought her into another company that I am part owner of, to work with my partners and leadership team replicating the same model.

Tarla Gernet - Founder and CEO

Homeschool Connections Educational Services and HighPoint Hybrid Academy

They go above and beyond

We actually hired Julie to work with new and upcoming managers in our organization.  We were looking for outside training to help them develop and to allow them to become better managers and leaders.  For us the breakthrough has been a more cohesive team and I think Julie had direct impact on this development.


As with any consultant search, I would always recommend that you do your homework and make sure they are a personality fit your organization. However, specifically with Julie she was a great fit for Koppert, and we found her to be a very engaged trainer that was willing to go above and beyond to make sure we were successful.  I would recommend Julie to any organization that is looking for performance improvement for managers or employees.

Ryan Hill, - general manager 

Koppert US.


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