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On The Other Side of Fear Lies Freedom

As I approach the one-year anniversary of this company that I’m so proud to have created, I’m reflecting back on the journey that has brought me to this point.

4 years ago, I decided to join a company that changed my path from finance to human behavior. In making this career change I rediscovered a passion for people and helping them reveal their human potential. I realize now that this is when the vision for Centering Advisors (Now StrengthPoint Advisors) was born.

As I worked there, I wanted to follow my idea and build it with them, but our visions didn’t align. Although, I learned a great deal about assessments and objectively looking at human behavior, I knew it was time to take a leap of faith and move forward in my journey towards my vision.

I found a company with a leadership team that shared my vision for a talent advisory company and I was excited that I would be able to continue my journey. Over the next two years, I was fortunate to work with some wonderful people and enjoy many successes. There were multiple learning experiences and yes even some stumbling points too. However, eventually, my opportunity to focus solely on the talent advisory company had arrived. I thought, “Here we go! I’m so excited”

The next year brought quite a few challenges some were positive and others could have broken my spirit and derailed my vision. I had moments where I thought we were on the right track and that I was making progress. Then there were moments where I would question myself, wonder who I am and why couldn’t I seem to find a company’s vision that aligned with my mine. You could say this was a roller coaster year full of highs and unexpected lows. But it was the moment that I took an assessment, one I’ve used for others many times, that I truly realized I needed to move past my fears and find the freedom I so longed for. This may have been the scariest moment I’d faced in a long time, but I knew it was right.

I knew I couldn’t make this move without disciplining my thoughts and rebuilding my confidence.

This process took months and I’m grateful to those who stood by me and walked this path with me. I believe I’m in the place I am now, grateful for my clients, my happiness, and my passion for life because of the journey I traveled.

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