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Consistency to Purpose - The Secret of Success

As I was embarking on my second year of business and I was meeting with one of my mentors, Jay. We were talking about the upcoming year and I was brainstorming ideas for where I wanted to go and how I wanted to grow. During our brainstorm I mentioned finding my person and Jay quickly responded with reframe your comment to I need to find my “purpose”.

In finding my purpose, I would create clarity on which ideas to implement.

“The Secret of Success is Constancy to Purpose”- Benjamin Disraeli

As I pondered that over the next couple of days, it directed me back to one of my favorite books by Simon Sinek, “Find your why”. I spent time reviewing my notes and re-reading my original work with the book. In doing so I became energized when I reflected on my first year of business, where I had succeeded and where I had diverted from my purpose.

My purpose stems from my belief that everyone has an inner lion. This allows ordinary people to create extraordinary results. My purpose is to help people connect their inner confidence with their passion and competencies both individually and within their teams.

That reminder from Jay brought clarity on what ideas I should implement and where I want to focus my energy in the upcoming year. It’s difficult to say no in business because there are many great ideas and you want to do everything. However, nobody can implement every idea. Finding your purpose helps you focus on what ideas are best for you and for your time. Finding your why allows you to say no to the ideas that don’t support it and yes to those that do.

This was such a profound exercise for me, I encourage you to define your purpose and align your vision accordingly. Please watch the following video to begin to find your purpose: Simon Sinek "Find Your Why"

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